Organic and Heirloom Wheat Berries 

For grinding, baking or just plain, healthy cooking!


Great  for people who don't need wheat packed for long-term storage.

Per the request of our some of our customers, both our heirloom variety and our USDA-certified organic variety are now available in a see-through plastic bag. Now when you purchase our wheat as a gift for one of your favorite bakers, they won't need to open the bag immediately. Remember: all grains should be stored in a cool, dry place.

if you are interested in a 30 lb. bag packaged in this manner. If we get enough requests for 30 lb. bags, we will offer that as well. Pricing will be LESS than the bucket.

Heirloom Turkey Red
Hard Red Winter Wheat
12 Lbs.

$30.00 for 12 Lbs. Free Shipping

USDA Certified Organic
Hard Red Winter Wheat
12 Lbs.

$35.00 for 12 Lbs. Free Shipping

Packaged for long-term storage

Heirloom Turkey Red

Hard Red Winter Wheat

15 Lbs. and 30 Lbs.

Our chemical-free Turkey Red has a higher percentage of protein than most modern varieties so is a great choice for bread.

Turkey was brought here by German immigrants from Russia in the 1870s. Most modern hybrid varieties in the United states came from Turkey Red. Because it has not been hybridized, it may be easier to digest than the modern hybrid varieties. Do not use with any type of severe wheat allergy.

$40.00 for 15 Lbs. Free Shipping

$90.00 for 30 Lbs. Free Shipping

Organic wheat.JPG

USDA-Certified Organic

Hard Red Winter Wheat

15 Lbs. and 30 Lbs. 

Our family has been raising wheat on our Southwest Nebraska farm since 1906 so we are pretty good at it by now! Since our growing family always devoured copious amounts of bread baked with the wheat we grow, we have never used chemicals on our wheat.


So in 2020 we decided it was time to go organic so many pages of paperwork later and an on-site inspection, we received our USDA Organic certification from OneCert®.

$45.00 for 15 Lbs. Free Shipping 

$100.00 for 30 Lbs. Free Shipping

Stone Ground Flour~Turkey Red and Organic

Stone Ground Flour

From our Turkey Red

Turkey Red wheat is normally higher in protein than most other hard red winter wheat varieties, so it is an excellent choice for making whole wheat bread!


It has a lovely nutty flavor and because it is stone ground, you can be assured that the flour contains all the healthy nutrition of the bran, endosperm and germ. Treat yourself and your loved ones to the authentic taste of the late 1800s!

$20.00 for 5 Lbs. Free Shipping

Stone Ground Flour
From our Organic Wheat


We are small, family farmers, just like both sets of our parents. The aroma of freshly baked bread was common in our childhood homes.


In the 1960s the kids used to clean wheat by hand while mom ground it into flour and baked her amazing bread. Each bag of flour you order from us is ground just prior to shipping so it is extremely fresh when you get it. It is always best to store whole grain flour in the refrigerator or freezer.


$20.00 for 5 Lbs.  Free shipping 

Our farm to your family--Naturally!

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Product Packaging

12 Lb. bags of wheat are packaged in a clear plastic food grade bag with oxygen absorbers to help improve the shelf-life. It is then heat-sealed for your protection. 

15 Lb. bags are vacuum-packed and heat sealed in a food-grade mylar bag. We preserve the freshness of our wheat by flushing the oxygen from the bag with food-grade carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is found naturally in the atmosphere and is completely safe. This is an excellent purchase for people who are interested in long-term storage. We have used this method for 20 years and have never had bugs or molds of any type. 

30 Lb. bags are packaged the same way as the 15 Lb. bags, but after vacuum-packing and heat-sealing the bag it is placed in a food-grade 5 gallon bucket and sealed with a tamper-resistant lid.

5 Lbs. of flour are packaged in a zip-lock freezer bag, then in a paper bag which we stitch shut. The stitching assures that your flour has not been opened during shipping.