Organic and Heirloom Wheat Berries 

For grinding, baking or just plain, healthy cooking!

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Hard Red Winter Wheat​


We not only grow the wheat--we eat it as well! It's in our breakfast cereal, and all our bread products so going organic just made sense.

Because our family has always used sustainable farming practices that minimize the use of synthetic chemicals, getting our organic certification was an easy step!

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Stone Ground Flour

From our Organic Wheat


Once harvest ends, our wheat is cleaned by a local seed cleaner while we watch. When we receive your order, we clean it again--by hand, grind and package it. Soon, the freshly milled flour is on the way to your home!

Nothing is added, nothing is taken away. Your flour contains ALL the delicious nutrition found in the wheat berry itself.

Our farm to your family--Naturally!

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Heirloom Turkey Red

Hard Red Winter Wheat

Our chemical-free Turkey Red has a higher percentage of protein than most modern varieties so is a great choice for bread. Turkey has a nice, mildly sweet taste.   

Turkey was brought here by German immigrants from Russia in the 1870s. Most modern hybrid varieties in the United states came from Turkey Red. Because it has not been hybridized, it may be easier to digest than the modern hybrid varieties.

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Stone Ground Flour

From our Turkey Red

We are small, family farmers, just like both sets of our parents. The aroma of freshly baked bread was common in our childhood homes.


I used to sit at the table cleaning wheat (yup, by hand) while my mother ground it into flour and baked her amazing whole wheat bread. Each order of freshly ground flour brings back such wonderful memories!

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